Wanna Make A Bet?

Want to earn money for working out?

So you want to lose weight but you feel stuck.  You start your new “diet” every Monday, and by Thursday you’ve fallen off track….again.  You hate your body, your clothes don’t fit, and your sick of not having energy, but you can’t manage to stick to your plan…

Girl, I GET YOU!!! I know allll to well what that cycle feel like. I have a seriously AWESOME opportunity for you. I am going to PAY you to get healthy. And I’m not even going to ask you to diet…at least not in the sense that you are used to.  I’m going to teach you a plan that focuses on moderation, NOT deprivation. So those fun foods you love can still be a part of your life!  Cause what fun is getting healthy if you have to eat bland, boring food.

Here’s how it will work: I have a private boot camp that starts January 9th. If you workout 3x a week , replace one meal a day with a superfood shake 5 x a week, and check in our group for the entire 30 day challenge, not only will you get healthier, have fun, and break that shitty self-sabotaging cycle, but will get to split a CASH POT of 2-3$ million dollars!!!!  Get paid to get fit?!  YUP!!!

Want in??  We start January 9th 2017!

Shoot me an email to [email protected]  or message me on Facebook at Kelly McCauley Germain


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