Coach Daily to do List

  • Coach Daily To-Do CheckList

  • Read or Listen to at least 10 minutes of Personal Development
    I listened to 10 minutes and/or read 10 pgs of personal development today _____________
  • Answer all business related emails from customers and coaches including checking in on my Facebook Challenge Groups (focus on THEIR goals and not my own)
  • Do follow ups on the phone, facebook messaging, or email (working from a list- I recommend creating a list in Excel or use a notebook.
    I followed up with 2 people today (FORM or Beachbody) List names

    _______________________ & _________________________

  • Invite at least 2 people each day (Invite to fit club, a challenge group, Fitness Support group, etc…)
    I made 2 new contacts today Please list names   ______________ & ________________

    I SPOKE to ________ people this week about Beachbody. Please list names

  • Be a Product of the Product Be Proof the Products Work:

    Workout (Y/N) _________ Shakeology (Y/N) _________

  • Check the coach online office for Breaking News, new customer leads (send them a welcome email), learn a little more about what is in there. Coach Training Academy>Resources has GREAT info!
  • Listen to Team calls or National calls from the archive in the Online Office and attend any local events (home parties, fit clubs, trainings)
  • Check into the Team Page on Facebook (welcome new coaches, read the posts to learn answers to peoples questions, to ENGAGE with the team daily showing them that I am there daily as their leader.)
    I checked my team members pages & the team group and made meaningful comments (Y/N)
  • Call or text one person randomly to encourage them whether they are a coach, a customer, or just a friend.
    I reached out _____________today.  What did you do? (Email, Ecard, Facebook…etc)
  • Post inspirational or engaging things on my Social Media
    Post 1-3 times per day. (Don’t share posts!)
    Pick 5 topics that you are passionate about & that showcase your personality! Posts should also be engaging & encourage people to comment or give their input (Ask a question!)
    Only about 20% of your posts should be about business. You want people to know you and different aspects of you.
    I made ____  # of posts on social media today     ✔  1) ___ 2) ___ 3) ___
    I posted a video  or blog post this week (blog, youtube, instagram video)_______________
    ***Use the BAT (Business Activity Tracker) or this checklist to make sure you are CONSISTENTLY doing the behaviors that will positively impact your business the most.

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