Becoming an Emerald Coach

I know, I know, you are full of questions about how the Beachbody Coach program ACTUALLY works! Let me make things easier to understand for you.

When you first sign up for the Individual Beachbody Coach Program, you start out as an Inactive Coach. The first question that will pop into your mind at this point is; what is the difference between an Active and an Inactive Beachbody Coach?

Put simply, an Active Beachbody Coach is someone who has bought or sold at least 50 Personal Volume points in the last 35 days.

One Personal Volume point is roughly equivalent to a Dollar.

As long as you have more than 50 PV to your account in the last 35 days, your status is Active. If not, it drops back to Inactive. So you either sell products worth at least 50 PV per sales cycle (35 days), or simply buy products worth 50 PV per sales cycle to keep your status Active. Simple!

Keep in mind; even inactive coaches get the 25% discount on Beachbody products. It is just that these inactive coaches aren’t interested in, or trying to, build up their business.

Sometimes, you will make a sale for a product that is worth 50 PV points or more, and your status will still be shown as Inactive. There is nothing to worry. The system updates itself every midnight EST on Wednesday, so your status should be marked Active on Thursday.

What is the easiest way to stay Active? Just sign up for Shakeology home direct! You will be handing out free samples of this protein powder anyway, so you might as well use your “freebies” to keep your status Active.

Is being Active necessary?

Like I said, it is not necessary. Even Inactive coaches get the 25% discount on Beachbody products. However, you need to reach something called an Emerald status as a Coach to be eligible for higher earnings than the 25% discount.

What is an Emerald status coach?


An Emerald status coach is a Beachbody Coach who is Active, and who also has TWO Beachbody Coaches who are Active, on either side of his down line. Obviously, the more coaches you have under you, the easier it is for you to maintain your Emerald status. Coaches who have Emerald status are eligible for team cycling bonuses.

The Customer Lead Program by itself can get you close to 100 new customers every year, and while you don’t get a commission on the first purchase that they make, you do earn a commission on ALL future sales that these customers will make. As you can imagine, that will work out to a sizeable income.  You must also qualify for Success Club 5 for this.

It makes sense to do what it takes to remain Active and to be an Emerald Coach. Here is a quick recap of the benefit of being an Emerald Coach.

Beachbody Customer Lead Program –

You will need to fulfill certain criteria before you qualify for the Customer Lead Program

1      You must be Emerald or superior

2      You must post a before pic on your Beachbody profile.

3      You need to be a Club Member (Beachbody On Demand). This is to ensure that you know about all the tools because Beachbody will allot customers to you and you will earn $19 each time they renew their fees. This is nice because you will easily recover the $38 (for 3 months) Club Member fees because most people I know earn over a $100 easy just from renewals.

Benefits of having a partner/spouse/friend/sibling join you –

I found that it is much smarter to involve your spouse, girlfriend, sibling or someone you can trust to join under you. Why?

The biggest advantage of having a partner is that you have one of the two active coaches you need for being an Emerald coach. Now you are just one coach short and that can’t be too hard, can it?

Once you find a second active coach (and reach Emerald) you can focus on ensuring that your partner gets two active coaches under him/her so that he/she can become Emerald as well AND one of the coaches under you becomes Emerald. We are talking about your expanding team that will reap twice as many benefits. Double the weekly bonus checks and 2 accounts collecting customers under the Customer Lead Program! With your partner under you as an Emerald coach, you can focus on getting to Diamond rank and then help him/her get there as well. I hope you can see how this has a compounding effect on your profits. Two is, no doubt, better than one!

You can also help your partner get started by diverting all sales and purchases to their account. This way, if you are already active, they will get the commission and you can share the money. But money apart, you also get team volume points because the more active their account, the more you will profit from the volume created.

Here is a chart of what an Emerald, Ruby and Diamond Coach looks like.

Emerald Ruby Diamond

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