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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by to see if this Fitness Challenge is for you! First I want you to know that you don’t have to be super fit in order to join? I am here to help you every step of the way.

I know first hand what it is like to research a bunch of diets, fads and quick fixes. It can be totally over whelming and confusing on which way to go.

I felt that same way about five years ago before I started my own journey….with so much information right at our fingertips (on your cell phone) its easy to feel defeated before you get started.

I don’t want that for you though.  If your on this page, you ended up here for a REASON! This might be your solution. It was mine, and still is.

We all need accountability, mentorship, and to have fun, healthy lifestyles.  It takes one step at a time.

Kell 21 Day Fix X

Who can do this Challenge?

Any of my REGISTERED customers —-> or any NEW Customer who doesn’t already have a coach. (However, if your coach isn’t active and/or helping you with your goals, please message me and maybe we can get the ball rolling).

What’s required?

  • Positive attitude and willingness to SWEAT <—- We are strong, and capable of kicking ass!
  • SPECIFIC GOALS—> Do you want to lose weight? <–How much, by when?
  • What’s your goal body? goal weight?
  • A Beachbody program (please do not purchase through Craigslist or other sites like Ebay) <–I offer the group for free, but I ask that you have a REAL Beachbody program of your choice that you will commit to.
  • If you are on facebook please FRIEND REQUEST ME  **If you don’t have a FB account but want to work with me one on one please send me an email to [email protected] and make me Your Official Coach Here!

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. What led you to click on this page?
  2. Are you happy with where you are at physically?
  3. Could you improve your health?
  4. Are you tired of making excuses for yourself?
  5. What goals do you have? How much do you want to lose or gain?
  6. Could you use more energy?
  7. Would you like to fit into your clothes better? or buy new clothes because your clothes are to big.
  8. Just how SERIOUS are you about changing your life? If you’re serious as I hope you are, fill out the form below:

Join My Challenge Group

    Check all that apply.

I want to help you anyway I can. I remember struggling looking for ways to help me get results. I don’t want you to fall for diet pills, quick fixes, or short cuts. Lets do this the right way!

Angie before_after          mandy-21-df

I hope to see your name in my inbox soon, and even more than that, I hope to see your after photos from our challenge.  Cheers to your health, happiness and fitness!





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