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YES! I am a Group Fitness Instructor!     

I have to say….becoming an Insanity Instructor has completely changed my life!  After completing several rounds of Insanity I just fell in love with the program.  My results were incredible.  For the first time in my life I had abs!  That was a big deal for me.  I literally woke up one morning and decided I was going to become an Instructor.  I had no idea what it entailed but knew that I was meant to teach it.

That morning I started researching it and sign up for the one day course in Boston.  The training was from 9-5.  It was all day.  We went over the Insanity Instructor book and learned how to teach classes.  One of my favorite things about teaching Insanity is that it’s for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.  I show you the modifications!  I remember leaving that day ready to teach.

After a year of teaching Insanity I began teaching at Atlantic Health & Fitness in Tiverton Rhode Island.  I started out subbing classes and in order to continue there I had to get AFAA Group X Certified.  I immediately started studying for that test.  With AFAA there is a multiple choice exam of 100 questions and a practical exam.  I was able to do both online which was very convenient.  Once I passed that exam I immediately decided to get Ace Certified in Group X.  I studied for three months with the books and online modules and then took the 150 question exam at an online testing place.

Being Group X Certified has definitely opened a lot of doors for me.  I am now able to teach other classes besides Insanity.  It also gave me confidence when teaching in front of people.  Its important to know the body and muscles and how to properly teach people.  I absolutely love teaching and if you are considering it…my advice is to go for it!  Don’t let fear hold you back!

After 3 years of teaching Insanity I decided to become a P90X Instructor. What I love about this class is it involves upper and lower body strength with weights and a resistance band.

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