WBFF Boston 2017


I did it again!!!!!

The year 2017 didn’t start off the way I wanted, but there are somethings you don’t have control over. It all started the day after Christmas in 2016. I was having severe abdominal pain for a few days on and off. Come to find out I had an umbilical hernia that was causing the pain. On January 9th I had two hernias repaired. One was an umbilical the other a enwuial hernia right in the center of my abs. I had also gotten pneumonia right before the surgery. Needless to say…I had to stop training for a

In February I was back to myself and feeling better. I caught pneumonia again and had to stop training for two weeks. Once I was fine I started to push and train hard again. I decided on April 1st that I was going to compete in the June 24th WBFF Competition. This time I was going to compete in the Bikini Open Short Division (these ladies are all under 35). I was a little nervous but knew I would
continue training hard and was feeling much more confident than last year.

I got my dress from Party Dress Express in Fallriver, MA. They had to custom order it. The designer is Christina Wu.  I also customer ordered my silver bikini.

Peak week was hell this time. I honestly thought that it would be easier but nope…not at all. My cravings were worse and the Thursday and Friday before the show I had no energy at all. I was also really hungry. I have to say that my spray tan came out great though. I wasn’t as dark as last year.

The night before the show I only for 3 1/2 hours of sleep. I was excited and just wanted to get the day started. Prejudging went well. I was much more confident on stage this year although the initial I walk is nerve racking.

I was able to go back to my house with my friend and fellow competitor Wendy in between shows.  It was nice to relax but it’s a very long day.  I felt great in the evening.  I did have one minor mishap though….mygown didn’t fit.  It was way to loose.  There was a seamstress on site so she sewed and duck taped me in the gown so it wouldn’t fall down. LOL   I ended up taking 4th place.  I was really hoping for top 3.  I am not  planning on competing again.  I feel at this time my body needs a break.  However only time will tell….