WBFF Bikini Competitor


Competing in the WBFF

Words can not describe how awesome I felt after competing in my first show on June 25th, 2016 for the WBFF.  I competed against 13 woman and took 4th place.  A lot of people have asked why I have decided to compete and honestly it has to do with the fact that I like to challenge myself.  I knew competing was going to be difficult both mentally and physically but I was up for the challenge. I don’t like to go through life going with regrets or doing the same thing over and over again.

You see I had a very hard up bringing but it has made me the woman I am today.  This isn’t something that I talk about often.  I grew up very poor. On welfare, we never had food in the house. My mom was a single mom, divorced twice and also an alcoholic and drug user, and still to this day is.  I am talking hard core drugs like heroin, cocaine, pot, you get the picture. We were eventually evicted and were homeless. She couldn’t hold a job. We had stayed in a shelter and then my mother’s friend took us in until we finally moved a few doors down from my grandmother.  She has been in and out of rehab so many times I have lost count.  We have no relationship. My amazing sons have no grandmother because I won’t let them see her nor does she try to reach out to them. It’s not something I have ever let effect me. I’ve never said “oh poor me!” I knew as I grew up I was not going to let my past define me! You are not a victim of your situation!  You can choose to let your situation get you down and depressed or you can learn from it and come out strong!  The choice is yours!

It never gets Easier


One of the most challenging things for me was learning to walk in and pose in 4.5 inch heels.  I just love my Nike’s.  I did practice everyday in the heels, so they did get easier.



The competition diet really wasn’t that bad.  The cravings are there but thanks to having cafe latte shakeology once a day I didn’t crave anything for the most part.  I stopped having a cheat meal once a week at 8 weeks out.  I am definitely noticing a huge difference in my belly fat by being really strict.  I have had to cut out all sodium and sugar out of my diet at 20 weeks out. Also no alcohol.  Alcohol does prevent you from building muscle and stores fat.

I got my gown from Stefania’s Boutique in Cranston.  I chose a red gown.  I really like the back of it. My entire back is exposed so it really shows all my muscle. They had a great selection. I highly recommend going there.  I purchased my custom bikini from ZozoBee Flex Wear in Las Vegas.  I was able to pick the color of my suit and and connectors and rhinestones.  The color of my suit is Royal Blue Crushed Ice Hologram.  This picture is before the rhinestones have been added.



Back of Bikini


Back stage with Metal-1


Love the back of this gown!

Back of Dress