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What is Beachbody Performance?

Beachbody Performance is a line of premium performance supplements designed to help you get the best results and to help you reach your health & fitness goals faster.

The system consists of five powder drinks that are formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to be effective.

Energize-Preworkout-Improves intense exercise performance, increases energy & endurance, and sharpens focus and reaction time. It tastes great too. It will not make you feel jittery at all.


Hydrate-During workout-Supports hydration during exercise, replaces electrolytes lost during exercise, fuels working muscles, and improves endurance.


Recover-Post Workout-Speeds muscle recovery, promotes lean muscle synthesis, combats exercise induced muscle soreness, and improves muscle strength recovery. It’s smooth and creamy and definitely helps reduce my recovery time. Especially when I’m teaching multiple Insanity classes in a day.


Recharge-Nighttime-Supports over night muscle recovery, improves over night adaption to exercise, promotes lean muscle synthesis, and reduces muscle breakdown. What I like about this is there are nights where I have woke up really sore and I’m not able to sleep. If I know that I’ve worked out hard I will drink this before going to bed.


Creatine-This add on has no flavor and mixes well with the Recover-Post workout formula to improve high intensity exercise performance, increase muscle strength and power, and enhance the effects of resistance training.


These products were designed by Harvard-trained scientists and based on cutting edge sports science, exercise physiology and nutrition research. Beachbody Performance contains ingredients that are plant based nutrients to help maximize performance and recovery safely, effectively, and naturally. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

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To try one of each we do sell a Sampler Pack.  Get yours by clicking here: Sampler